This component represents the extent to which evidence of student learning is used to identify areas where changes in policies and practices may lead to improvement, inform institutional decision-making, problem identification, planning, goal setting, faculty development, course revision, program review, and accountability or accreditation self-study.

Use of Evidence from Annual Assessment Reporting

Using the results of assessment is the critical final step in the assessment cycle. Programs are encouraged to share assessment results with stakeholders and use the findings to inform program improvement. In their annual assessment report, each program answers the following two questions about each assessment activity they complete:

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  • "With whom and how did you share the findings of this assessment?"
  • "How are you using or planning to use the findings from this assessment for program improvement?"

Examples of changes made based off of program assessment findings include the following:

  • After learning from both exit surveys and exit interviews with graduating students that there was a need for an evaluation research course, the Adult & Organizational Development M.Ed. Program incorporated an evaluation research course into their curriculum.
  • After observing that approximately 30% of Piano Pedagogy Masters students struggled in the Research in Music class due to language skills and background, the program decided to explore a student mentor system to help struggling students.
  • Based on student feedback and employment trends, the department of Kinesiology converted their undergraduate concentration in Exercise and Sport Science into a full major in Exercise and Sport Science, with curricular changes to better prepare students for the varied entry-level careers they pursue.
  • After conducting an assessment of engagement trends by school/college, the Career Center expanded their satellite advising hours (coaching drop-ins at the physical schools and colleges) for schools that were identified as having declining engagement.

Use of Evidence from Surveys

Results from institutional surveys are routinely shared with stakeholders across campus, including the Assessment Planning Committee. The addition of campus administrators to the Assessment Planning Committee for the 2017-18 academic year will further extend the influence of survey findings. Institutional survey results are also made publicly available on the Institutional Research and Assessment website.