The Placement Assessment Committee oversees university-wide placement assessment guidelines and practice. Recognizing the importance of accurate course placement for incoming freshmen and transfer students, the committee reviews placement assessment guidelines with the current needs of the university and makes recommendations for enhancements. The Placement Assessment Committee is a standing committee comprised of faculty members and representatives from key administrative units and support centers including Undergraduate Admissions, Undergraduate Affairs, and the Student Success Center.

Process for Changes to Placement Assessments

The Placement Assessment Committee meets October through January to review data from the fall semester and beyond to inform recommended changes to the placement process. At the end of January, the committee compiles the list of recommendations for any changes to the Provost for approval.

During February and March, Institutional Research and Assessment implement changes to the placement process for incoming students. The placement assessment system typically opens for incoming fall students the first week of April.

If you have any questions about the Placement Assessment Committee, contact Rachel Hample at or (215) 204-4789.