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The Data Analysis and Reporting (DAR) unit of Institutional Research and Assessment supports campus leaders and policy makers with strategic planning, and fiscal decisions by providing key analytics and reporting. In addition to internal decision support, DAR also provides institutional information for governmental and external surveys, as well as other external agencies as appropriate. As a state related instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Temple University must comply with a wide range of state and federal reporting requirements.


Catalog of Institutional Reports

IRA is responsible for maintaining and reporting on a variety of data across the university. In addition to the externally facing reports generated such as the Factbook, IRA supports the internal Temple community with numerous reports based on data stored in the university’s central data warehouse. The repository for these reports is provided behind the firewall, in The Catalog of Institutional Reports. Subject to approval, Temple employees may request access here. The following reports are available to Temple staff, administration and faculty (where authorized):

  • Enrollment Reports – Tracking and Census
  • Undergraduate Admissions Summary Report – Tracking and Census
  • Student Profile
  • Longitudinal Yield Report - Census
  • Admissions Profile- Census
  • Graduate Admissions Summary Report– Tracking and Census
  • Campus Enrollment Report - Census
  • Credit Hour Report - Census
  • Academic Quality Indicator Report - Census
  • Degrees Awarded Report - Census
  • Historic Common Data Sets
  • Freshmen Holdover Report
  • Graduation and Retention Report

Access Catalog of Institutional Reports


Requests for Data, Analytics and Reporting