If a student previously studied a foreign language, they are required to take the Foreign Language Placement Assessment if they are:

  • in a B.A. program in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Science and Technology, or Tyler School of Art and Architecture,
  • a Speech, Language, and Hearing Science major within the College of Public Health,
  • an International Business Administration major within the Fox School of Business and Management, or
  • interested in taking a foreign language course at Temple.

Temple offers Placement Assessments in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. If a student previously studied a different foreign language and wishes to be assessed in that language for a waiver, it may be possible to arrange. For more information, review the Foreign Language Waiver Form and Procedures for Applying for a Foreign Language Waiver.

*Students admitted to Temple Rome Entry Year are required to take the Italian Foreign Language Placement Assessment. Students may be exempt if they studied for no less than three years in a school where the primary language of instruction is Italian. Students should check with their academic advisor if they believe they should be exempt from this assessment.

Foreign Language Assessment (60 Minutes, Timed)

Foreign Language Placement Assessments are offered in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Each assessment is multiple-choice and evaluates basic skills in language usage (choosing the appropriate word or phrase to complete a sentence) and reading comprehension (interpretation of passages written in that language).

Students can retake the Foreign Language Assessment after they receive their Foreign Language placement results via their Placement Results channel located within TUportal.


Foreign Language placement results are posted to the Placement Results channel within 2-3 days after completion of the assessment.