Some students may be placed into math courses using their student data, while others will take a placement assessment. Students may be placed into Math 701/702, GQ/Math 1015/Math 1021 with Math 1019, Math 1021, Math 1022, and Math 1041.

Math Autoplacement

There are two ways students may be automatically placed into courses. Students are auto placed using SAT/ACT scores, if available. If students do not have valid SAT/ACT scores, they are auto placed using other student data. Students without an auto-placement are required to complete an ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. Students with an auto-placement may choose to take an ALEKS Math Placement Assessment if they feel that their auto-placement is not representative of their knowledge.

Autoplacement Using SAT/ACT

Students with valid SAT/ACT scores are automatically placed using the chart below. Students enrolled in programs that require Math 1021 or above and have SAT scores in the range of 500 – 660 or ACT scores in the range of 18-28 are required to take a Math Placement Assessment. Placement Information for Incoming Students - List of Programs: 

*Course Placement represents a student’s highest possible course placement; however, students may opt to take a lower-level statistics or math course.

Autoplacement Using Other Student Data**

Students who do not have valid SAT/ACT scores and are enrolled in degree programs that do not require Math 1021 or above may be automatically placed into Math 701 or GQ using available student data.

Students who take a course in the math sequence (Math 702, 1021, 1022, 1041/1941) are bound by their performance in the course for future course eligibility (rather than performance on previous or future placement assessment). Once a student completes a course in the math sequence, the student may not use their placement assessment results as a pre-requisite for entry into a higher-level course. Similarly, students cannot request an assessment after completing a course in the math sequence to place into a higher course.

Math Placement Assessment (150 Minutes, Timed)

The Math Placement Assessment is delivered online using ALEKS, a web-based learning platform. ALEKS assesses the student´s current course knowledge by asking you a number of questions (usually 20-30). ALEKS chooses questions based on your answers to all previous questions. Therefore, each set of assessment questions is unique. It is impossible to predict the questions that will be asked. Some questions may require the use of a calculator, which is provided onscreen by ALEKS.

ALEKS covers topics ranging from algebra to calculus. Review Math Placement Assessment Practice Questions.

Note: You will know if you have completed the assessment when you see the colorful pie chart with a placement score on your screen. If you do not see the pie chart and placement score at the end of the 150 minutes, you may not have answered enough questions for ALEKS to determine your course placement. Please go back to ALEKS through your TUportal and complete the assessment again until you are presented with the colorful pie chart and placement score.


Students are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment in a proctored setting. You are still able to take the assessments online and at home but will be proctored virtually. Students will receive information regarding the process in their Next Steps.

Students must enter the proctor password to start the assessment:

The password is: OWLS24

Students seeking alternative options for taking the assessment should contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment as soon as possible at


Students who choose to retake the math assessment have two additional attempts, using their highest score for course placement. ALEKS provides adaptive learning modules to help students improve their skills; modules are available after the initial assessment.

  • To be re-assessed, students are required to complete five hours of ALEKS Learning Modules and wait 48 hours after the completion of the first assessment before starting the second.

  • For a third assessment, students are required to complete an additional five hours of ALEKS Learning Modules and wait 48 hours after the completion of the second assessment before starting the third.


Math placement results are available immediately through ALEKS and are posted within 2-3 business days after the completion of the assessment to the student’s Placement Results channel located within TUportal.

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