Students are automatically placed into English courses using a formula that contains a combination of SAT/ACT scores as well as high school grade point average (GPA). Students without this information are automatically placed into English courses using other student data gathered from their admissions application. Students that do not have enough information to automatically place them are required to complete an English Placement Assessment to determine their course placement.

Students may be placed into English 0701/0711, 0701/0802, 0711/0812, 0802/0812, or Exempt.

Students scoring a 4 or 5 on the AP English Language and Composition exam are exempt from English 0802/0812.

English Placement Assessment (90 Minutes, Timed)

The English Placement Assessment consists of one written essay. At assessment time, students choose one of two presented topics on which to write. Each topic presents a writer’s position on an issue. Students are asked to summarize the writer’s argument in their own words and then take and develop a position on the topic the writer is arguing for or against. Students are not evaluated based on having the "correct" position on an issue, but on how accurately they can explain the writer's argument and present their own argument in an organized and grammatically correct essay. In order to prepare for their assessment, students may view essays that meet and do not meet Temple's writing requirements.

Students without an autoplacement are required to take the English Placement Assessment. Students may also choose to take an assessment after receiving an autoplacement. Students that are required to complete the English Placement Assessment can retake the English Assessment after they receive their initial English placement results.

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English Assessment results will be available starting mid-April, also posted to the Placement Results channel.